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6 Signs You Should Open Your Own Online Store

Why transition from a well-known sales platform like eBay or Etsy?  Is it really worth it?

Having your own site is a sign of brand maturity and tells customers that there is a serious business behind your product. When people ask where they can find you online sending them to Amazon or eBay could dilute your brand’s equity.

Find out how to do the ‘do I need an online store?’ test below …

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The 4 Necessary Elements of Your Business’ Online Face

Your online or digital presence for your business is critical.  Is yours the best it could be?

You’ve all experienced it: Every once in a while you Google the name of a business or person and can’t find a website, or nearly as bad, one that barely functions.”

Ringing bells?  Here’s how you can fix your online face … or you could just give us a call!

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Is Your Website a One-Hit Wonder?

Do your visitors engage with your website and never come back again?  If the answer is yes, you’re probably wondering why and how do I make them more sticky.

“First time visitor, second time visitor, loyal visitor — each visitor is not the same, and determining their frequency of visits/purchases is the simplest way of segmenting your audience”

Here are some reasons why your not seeing repeat visitors …

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Building a Website that Converts

Could you be selling more?  Of course you could.  How does your website help convert sales … does it?

It’s all about attention to detail. The better attention you pay to your site’s design and functionality, as well as your visitors’ behavior, the better you can cater the experience for them to make it a welcome place to shop. 

Here are some simple tips to consider when trying to grow your online sales …

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Do you really need an ‘About’ page on your website?

About pages.  They have been a staple for websites since the dawn of the internet but as web design evolves, are they still needed?

An About page helps establish trust. Not long ago, most business was conducted face to face. We made eye contact; conversation and could get the feel for the “cut of one’s jib.”  This doesn’t happen as much anymore.

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Building an engaging and effective mobile website isn’t just a matter of taking a regular website and making it smaller to fit on a smartphone sized screen.

“When arguing a case to make a website mobile-friendly, abundant evidence exists to present to the business owner, such as the Pew Research study that shows that 56% of US adults carry around a smart phone. However, while general statistics are useful for demonstrating the value of designing with mobile in mind, they don’t provide the guidance necessary to understand precisely how users will interact with a particular brand on their phone.”

Understanding user behavior is key.  Here’s how to build a site customers will love …

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