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12 Tips for Increasing Your Click-Through-Rates on Twitter (Infographic)

Ah Twitter.  A social media platform that’s very hot right now but how do you get people to click on your tweet (1 of millions per second that are posted) and cut through everyone else’s messages? Is it a big waste of time?

Those who say that marketing on social media is just a waste of time and money may just be using it incorrectly or their optimization efforts have left them dry with ideas.

Find out below …

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Why 2015 Might Be Your Best Year for Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or also known as digital marketing has experienced explosive growth over the past few years.  In fact, from 2008 to 2012 CAGR is at 129%.

When we think about “Internet marketing,” we have to think about the market — the group of people who will search, find, and buy our goods and services. Who is the biggest market sector in 2015? It’s millennials.

Find out what 2015 may bring below …

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